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Escape the AI Overload... How to Remove AI Overviews from Google Search

If you’ve searched for something on Google recently, you’ve likely encountered a block of text that appears before the actual search results.

This feature, called AI Overviews, provides AI-generated answers to certain queries. While it can be helpful, it often pushes the actual list of links further down the page, making it frustrating to find the information you need. And with Google planning to add ads to these overviews, it’s set to become even more intrusive.

Although Google doesn’t offer an option to disable AI Overviews directly, there are several clever ways to get rid of them. Here’s how you can clear the clutter and get back to clean search results.

Escape the AI Overload: How to Remove AI Overviews from Google Search

Reconfigure Your Browser’s Default Search Engine

One of the best ways to bypass AI Overviews is to change your browser's default search engine settings. The website's ten blue links provide detailed instructions on how to do this for Chrome on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, as well as for Firefox on Windows and Mac. Here’s a quick guide for Chrome on Windows or Mac:

1. Go to Settings: Open Chrome and head to Settings > Search engine > Manage search engines and site search.

2. Add a New Search Engine: Select Add next to the “Site Search” section.

3. Enter Details: Add a nickname for your AI-free version of Google in the “Name” section, set a shortcut, and paste this URL: `{google:baseURL}search?q=%s&udm=14`.

4. Save and Set as Default: Click Save or Add, then select the three dots next to your new entry and choose Make default.

The next time you search, you should no longer see AI Overviews.

Use uBlock Origin

Another simple method to avoid AI Overviews is by using the uBlock Origin extension:

1. Download uBlock Origin: Install the uBlock Origin extension for your browser.

2. Add a Custom Filter: Go to the settings menu, navigate to the My Filters section, and paste `` into the list.

3. Apply Changes: Select Apply Changes.

Try the "Bye Bye, Google AI" Extension

For a more tailored solution, you can use the Bye Bye, Google AI extension created by Tom’s Hardware’s Avram Piltch:

1. Install the Extension: Add the Bye Bye, Google AI extension to your Chrome browser.

2. Customize Your Experience: The extension hides AI Overviews by default but allows you to customize it to also remove Google’s discussions section, shopping blocks, sponsored links, and more.

Other Useful Tools and Tips

Tedium Solutions: The website Tedium offers various solutions for removing AI Overviews, including for Safari users. They also created the site for conducting searches without AI results.

Occasional Bypassing: If you only want to avoid AI Overviews occasionally, perform your search, then select More > Web to get a list of sites without AI Overviews and ads.

Any of these methods should help you reclaim your search results from AI Overviews — at least until Google provides an official way to turn them off. Happy searching!

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