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Red Flags Alert, Marketing Service Scams Unveiled!

🔴 Beware of the Review-for-Website Scam!

Watch out for offers to build your website in exchange for a “glowing review.” don't share the whole information of your business with this kind of people. 🚩  If they vanish after you reach out, it's a red flag for a scam.

"Genuine professionals value real feedback over fake praise."

🔴 E-Commerce Essentials. Don't Settle for Less. Don't Settle for Half-Baked Solutions!

Your business needs a website to sell products online, in other words, a website that converts into sales. 🚩 Beware of services that neglect this crucial aspect. 🚩  Don't waste money on incomplete solutions, demand full functionality.

🔴 Beyond Pictures. The Strategy Gap! A business without strategy is like a ship without a compass – lost at sea.

🚩 Posting pictures isn't enough, you need a strategy to drive sales because this is what matters in a business. 🚩 "Seasonal managers" may offer more photo posting, but your business needs more.

🔴 Degrees Over Filters. Demand Real Credentials!

Avoid seasonal “Social media or community managers” looking for quick cash. Usually are people without education, looking to make money. 🚩 Don't be dazzled by filters, ask for educational backgrounds. 🚩 Genuine professionals have the knowledge to drive real results.

Demand Quality, Demand Results!

🚩 Always always ask for their portfolio and previous work.

🚩 Some of them just made up a list of fake clients, always go to the Google reviews and reach out to the clients. 

🚩 Ask for their previous analytics on the previous work, social media management, etc...

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